I like to drink some wine after work

As most people will know, it is difficult to buy alcohol in Norway. I suppose this is an extreme form of what today would be called nudging. Apart from super-expensive restaurants and pubs, you can buy wine only in a special state controlled store called a vinmonopolet [what in Sweden they call a systembolaget]. Wine is super expensive there as well and, moreover, the vinmonopolet is open only until 18h. To make life more difficult for the person who thinks she deserves a beer at home after a hard day’s work, you can only buy a lager/pilsener type of beer [up to 5%] in a regular store also only until 18h. This, of course, only forces me to leave work early so I can drop by the special store and stock up on my booze reserve.

This is definitely a big minus of living in Oslo; even if only for a month 😉


My favourite Norwegian IPA – fyr & flamme!

UPDATE: my boss at the department I’m visiting showed me the closest vinmonopol [4mins from my office!], so life is bearable again 😀


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