Living in Oslo

This February is mild. Oslo in February can be very cold, as in -10 Celsius cold. This February there is snow and sunshine and, to be honest, -1 or 0 Celsius is still quite cold. I don’t leave the house without gloves, a thick woolen scarf and a hat. I guess talking about the weather when you’re experiencing Nordic winter is normal. In other circumstances weather-talk is talk about ‘kalfjes en koetjes’ [as the Dutch say], almost not worthy of having.

I moved into University of Oslo housing for visiting researchers. It’s located on the university campus, 2 short metro stations from the centre [yes, Oslo has a metro!]. It’s a cute, little, typical northern wooden house [the yellow one], where I’ll be staying for a couple of weeks with two other academics from abroad. I also moved into a new office of my own, which the department I’m visiting [the Norwegian Center for Computers and Law, NRCCL] generously provided. The department is located in the city centre, very close to the Royal Palace. The University of Oslo has thus been very welcoming to me as a research visitor. But how will the city of Oslo fare in relation to me as a traveler [or at least a tourist]? 😉






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