Borealis, Aurora Borealis

This phenomenon deserves a post on its own.

Northern lights are like a dance in the sky. They say that you can even hear them but I guess I wasn’t listening hard enough.

I know that many people have never seen northern lights in person … but I can tell you that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them almost every night of my trip 😀 They were particularly beautiful in the little village of Vardø and on the MS Lofoten ship sailing along the Norwegian coast from Vardø to Skjervøy. In order to see northern lights the sky needs to be <reasonably> clear and, most importantly, it needs to be cold enough. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, this Norwegian winter is quite mild, with temperatures going only up to -10 Celsius during the night <which is when you will be looking up at the sky>. So, you will not exactly freeze to death while the watching northern lights, but you will need to visit the north in winter time.

Here are copious amounts of pictures before you gather the courage <and funds> to fare north in winter:








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