Computers and design the 80ties and 90ties in Dundee

For this post, I’ll keep it short. Just want to point out that Dundee and its surroundings have an interesting history when it comes to computers and interface design in the 90ties. NCR, an American manufacturer of ATMs, cash registers and the first computers, had its European base in Dundee. They also made watches here and very cool posters for those watches (picture 3 – now that is proper graphic design!). Where now , I find computers and smartphones boring replaceable pebbles, there was something about those early days of electronics design that made them exciting and cool…

Maybe also because back then, they did not link computers to these guys yet:


Now it seems the only thing computers and phones are  good for is to track, spy and monitor, or be tracked and spied upon. How would the police force of that time think about and react to our digital shouting rooms, and  what would a digital “Brank” look like for online slander and swearing, I wonder? (And how on earth would you enforce it?). Anyhow, back to my own screen-prison, that, by the way, still has the same keyboard as the computer in the 2nd picture. I won’t go into the reasons why and how (it is an interesting history of lock-in models and habits), but maybe it is time for interface designers to step up and truly bring us into the 21st century… (where is my sentient VR ambient intelligence space/pod/sensor environment where I can transform and shape my thoughts into other media?).


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