What do they *really* mean?

The Scots are just as polite as their fellow Islanders, or even more so… But sometimes one does wonder what the true meaning is behind is behind all this kind and well-put remarks? Well, when I was visiting a lecture by Mireille Hildebrandt in Edinburgh this week (which was really good, by the way!), I found an explanatory overview (apologies for the unclear picture (and at the bottom, it’s Ph.D students who have been adding remarks by given to them by their supervisors, with their true meaning.. couldn’t entirely catch them all on picture, sorry!):


That said, it is nice to be in an environment, or a piece of society that is truly kind, or trusting (oke, it is St. Andrews so far from many things but still) – if people go out for lunch here, they leave EVERYTHING on the public desk that they were working on. There are spaces enough, so it is not a nuisance actually, they just trust each other (phones, laptops, bags etc you just leave and all is there when you come back…). That how things should be, I suppose.  I for one am not that trusting (anymore) and in a way, that is a pity. Picture to proof it and to show the magnificent library that I am allowed to work in:


(these peeps were out for lunch for a long time..). Ah yeah, the library:


By the way, this library was ‘saved’ by an alumnus who donated so generously that they could save all the very old books and refurbish the place…Not bad at all!

Ok, time to call it a day.




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