Vigilantism vs Sustainability

Vigilantism is explained by the Oxford Dictionary as “law enforcement undertaken without legal authority by a self-appointed group of people”. I received via snail-mail two postcards describing how to protect myself, or more, the house, against burglars. So its not entirely vigilantism, but is it a call by the local police to make sure that nobody is tempted to break in. How do we call that, responsibilisation? What it comes down to is that if you do not leave your lights on at nights, don’t be surprised someone breaks into your house, and its all your own fault. In a place where double-glazing is still a thing of the future and streetlight are powered by nitrate-gas, one does begin to wonder if the sustainability-agenda has arrived in the far north yet – I think its truly irresponsible for a local police force to engage in this fear – mongering – by -snail mail; the methods they propose, however, are possible even worse. Its 2017: its simple unheard of that you would encourage people to leave their lights on the entire night! 

A more practical point if looking at picture 3 and 4: isn’t a dark house the bet protection there is? Either a) the thieves won’t enter because they cannot see from the outside if anything valuable is inside and b) if they do enter, they would need a flashlight, which makes them extremely visible from the outside..? Whereas if you leave your lights on, its nothing out of the ordinary when someone outside would see  people  in a well-lit house are just moving about?

Besides the strange advice and the weird message this is sending out, I am at least glad the local police did a good job, visually!


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