A (Fri)day in a life of a visiting scholar

So, its been a while… A week further and thinking about what I have been doing…

Well, I have been around. Besides switching workplaces between a 15th century library and a 2005 modern office intelligent building (both equally cold, one because age the other because of bad sensors) and reading up a lot on Facial recognitions and participatory research methods, I made a trip to the University of Stirling. Apart from a little glitch in my itinerary and some difficulty on the tracks (they have delays here, too, but with a much nicer landscape to be stuck in, see image below, it was a great outing!

img_1007(halfway Edinburgh and Stirling)

The mini-conference was organized by CRISP, and as it turned out, one of the instigating reasons for organizing it was the fact that  I was visiting and working on participation! (I feel very honoured;)). The day was full of very interesting theories, methods, discussions  and empirical accounts of participatory research. Very inspiring day, that also pushed me to try some new theory (not sure it landed completely, though…) – it also got me enthusiastic (again) for  empirical case-work – so much fun to do and very insightful!


Although the University Of Stirling campus (picture below) does not have the same old harry-potter feeling that St Andrews has, its beautifully situated in a valley just next to a nice mountain-range (I believe this is called a “Glenn”). Privileged, these students are! Although, you do have to be a fan of remoteness – public transport is oke-ish, but getting around in Scotland is a time-consuming affair.


The nice thing of coming back of long travels is the lively pub-culture in Scotland, to have a respectable after-work Friday drink. Pubs here are truly different than anywhere else, in the sense that they are a good slice of society and are seen as a miX between an extension of the living room and a town hall. Its filled with families having dinner, old golfers (yes, that is also St Andrews, golf-capital of Scotland..), students and the local darts-club. You’re fine to have chat, or to be alone a read a bit while enjoying the atmosphere of an always-cosy place. Ohw and did I mention the extensive selection of Whiskeys?;):




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